Who Am I?

Oxford, England

Jackie and me kayaking in Alaska

My name is Bill Sterling. I have been an ordained United Methodist Pastor for over 35 years. My wife, Jackie and I have lots of children (blended family) and 5 grandchildren.

My purpose of in writing his blog is to share my experience. I have had the privilege of working many people who have encouraged, challenged, supported, and simply put up with me. I have also worked with people who didn’t care for me. Some were gracious. Some were adversarial. My errors, mistakes, blunders, ego trips, goofs, and just plain dumb and stupid things are legion. I will use this blog to share my life learnings – not as the expert who did it right, but as a sinner and human who continually clings to God’s renewing grace and continues try to learn from my mistakes.

I hope that through this blog, you will be able to laugh, as well as learn from my mistakes.

As I am still a work in progress, I would value any comments and feedback.

To the Glory of God.

Bill Sterling


2 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Demetrio Beach says:

    Rev! This blog is wonderful. I read it everyday and I really enjoy the time!

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you Demetrio. Merry Christmas. Bill

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